The must have fashion jewelry trends of 2018/19

Jewelery is one of the easiest ways to update your look. Take your favorite LBD to a whole new level when you accessorize it with the season’s latest statement pieces.

This year the designers were not holding back on the accessory front. Jewelry trends are in your face and sometimes the primary outfit-making piece.

The key takeaway from the season’s runway was GO GOLD and look for pieces with a serious 80s VIBE.

CHAIN DETAILS : one of the biggest and boldest trends for the summer season which will take you through fo fall and winter when you can wear a chunky necklace over a roll neck sweater

THE PENDANT NECKLACE: Single or layered, the pendant necklace is the must have necklace style of the year.

COIN JEWELS: possibly Instagrams top jewelry trend currently. Whether it’s on a simple gold chain or hanging from a delicate hoop, these medallions often an antique vibe that feels current.

SEASHELL BLING: ocean inspired jewelry can go tacky fast however this season designers have found a way to use the mysteries of the deep blue as inspo for all manner of chic baubles: like shell embellished bracelets, necklaces and rings featuring gold and silver accents

TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: came down the spring 2018 runways in the form of clear plastic handbags and see through boots. Naturally the trend trickled into jewelry meaning lucite, resin, glass and baubles abound.

PINKY RINGS: the pinky ring has a colorful past, having been associated with everyone from Victorian-era singletons to mobsters to rappers. These day they are adorning the It girl set as cheeky additions to stylish stacks

FLOWER EARRINGS: floral motifs for the ear are in full bloom, the season’s bouquets are sculptural and bold.

CRESCENT MOON: the moon necklace is one of summer’s biggest must haves

Whatever your jewelery preferences are, there is definitely something for everyone.


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