Goodbye ultra violet, hello living coral

Moving on from Ultra Violet, color of the year for 2018…to Living Coral, color of the year for 2019. This orangy-peachy-reddy color is set to inject some much needed zest into our every day life.

Just as coral reefs are a source of sustenance and shelter to sea life, “vibrant yet mellow” Pantone explains, “living coral embraces us with warmth providing us with nourishment to provide us with comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment”.

According to Pantone Living Coral was designed for playful expression and was selected for 2019 as it encourages a shift away from the onslaught of digital technology.

Among the joyful pursuits that Living Coral symbolizes, travel tops the list creating  experiences that enable human interaction and social connection.

The must have fashion jewelry trends of 2018/19

Jewelery is one of the easiest ways to update your look. Take your favorite LBD to a whole new level when you accessorize it with the season’s latest statement pieces.

This year the designers were not holding back on the accessory front. Jewelry trends are in your face and sometimes the primary outfit-making piece.

The key takeaway from the season’s runway was GO GOLD and look for pieces with a serious 80s VIBE.

CHAIN DETAILS : one of the biggest and boldest trends for the summer season which will take you through fo fall and winter when you can wear a chunky necklace over a roll neck sweater

THE PENDANT NECKLACE: Single or layered, the pendant necklace is the must have necklace style of the year.

COIN JEWELS: possibly Instagrams top jewelry trend currently. Whether it’s on a simple gold chain or hanging from a delicate hoop, these medallions often an antique vibe that feels current.

SEASHELL BLING: ocean inspired jewelry can go tacky fast however this season designers have found a way to use the mysteries of the deep blue as inspo for all manner of chic baubles: like shell embellished bracelets, necklaces and rings featuring gold and silver accents

TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: came down the spring 2018 runways in the form of clear plastic handbags and see through boots. Naturally the trend trickled into jewelry meaning lucite, resin, glass and baubles abound.

PINKY RINGS: the pinky ring has a colorful past, having been associated with everyone from Victorian-era singletons to mobsters to rappers. These day they are adorning the It girl set as cheeky additions to stylish stacks

FLOWER EARRINGS: floral motifs for the ear are in full bloom, the season’s bouquets are sculptural and bold.

CRESCENT MOON: the moon necklace is one of summer’s biggest must haves

Whatever your jewelery preferences are, there is definitely something for everyone.


Animal print is the new plaid

Just when you thought leopard print had used up its nine lives, the popular print gets another shot at the big time. But this time round the catty pattern is not alone…Over the last two season’s designers have fallen in love with everything from tigers, to zebras, leopards and even snakes.

The beauty of animal print is that despite its bold background, it serves as a neutral which you can build almost any outfit around.

Shop some of our animal print styles online and have fun with this hot revived wild print in summer and through fall/winter as it will be around for a while..

The Return of the Logo Bag

Back in the 2000s, logo bags were evewhere, and stood out as the accessory of choice on the arms of fashionista’s everywhere. Carrie Bradshaw with her Dior saddlebag and Fendi baguette, epitomizes the popularity of the trend. Lately there has been a resurgence and logo bags are once again popular.

Some designers are re-releasing the iconic bag and some online retailers are selling used versions. This trend is only expected to grow more this year… so time to drag it from the depths of your closet or get shopping…,

Going dotty for POLKA DOTS

Marc Jacobs once famously said that he thought there was never a wrong time for the polka dot, but if there was ever a right time, it was now, with spots large and small popping up on everything from dresses to footwear.

The first polka dots were born of the “polkamania” dance craze that began in the 1830s in Bohemia (now Czech Republic) and had spread across Europe and the States by the 1840s.

There’s a good reason Minnie Mouse comes to mind when thinking of the polka dot – she was one of the first celebrities to sport the spots back in the 1920s and has rocked the look ever since.

They were a favorite of Coco Chanel and Christian Dior and by the 1950s screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor had picked up on the print. Princess Diana was a big fan in the 80s and since then the print has been regularly worn by everyone from Kate Moss to Victoria Beckham.

Right now any self-respecting fashionista is likely to have something dotty on the go, whether a dress, skirt, hair scarf or sock boot, and recent international runways most designers showcased liberal doses of dots.

It has a unique femininity that can be styled in a myriad of ways from edgy to contemporary to a more classic vintage feel.

With that being said the polka dot is a classic staple and will work with pieces in your wardrobe from season to season.



FUGLY FASHION is having a moment

One misconception of fashion designers is that they are all in the business of making beautiful clothes. But beauty, in the sense of design,that is graceful and harmonious, that seeks to please the eye and strives towards the exalted and the sublime- is not always the goal.

“Nothing is so boring as something beautiful” , said the designer Dries van Norten in an interview a few years ago.”I prefer ugly things, I prefer the things that are surprising”. He will often start a collection identifying colors he does not like and then make use of them.

Right now ugliness is having a moment. The labels getting the most attention are those that make clothes that are deliberately gawky and ungainly, in a clamor of mismatched colors that compete against eachother in an outfit.

Nothing is off limits and there are no rules!

How to wear your booties with your jeans in 2018

There are certain outfit combinations that are “in” every single year. Each autumn we break out our booties, grab our fave jeans and reunite the dynamic duo you’ve been waiting to wear. But what keeps us coming back to this combination is that how we pair ankle boots with jeans is never the same from season to season. Right now it’s all about pairing sock boots with relaxed denim….,

The cool combo has become an instant favorite amongst trendsetters like Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and the likes. While skinny jeans might clash awkwardly with boots that cling so tightly, the wider legs of relaxed denim ensure that your boots and pants aren’t fighting for attention. Style this dynamic duo with a fitted or casual tee…. and when the days get colder, throw a blazer or coat over and you have a go to outfit for those chilly days…

The fashion industry pays attention to plus-size women


Plus size is rapidly evolving.

The industry, which is now worth a whopping $20.4 billion according to NPD group, has long been comprised of a group of women that largely feels ostracized.

But even amid a burgeoning body positivity movement, few retailers are actually offering plus-size clothing that is considered trendy and fashion-forward.

Lane Byrant – long thought of as a dowdy, matronly apparel retailer – is now trying to change that, and they might be on to something.

Recently, Lane Byrant hosted a runway show to show off its latest collection – a collaboration with designer Christian Siriana. (The collection has already been available in stores, giving Lane Byrant a Zara-like feel-what customers see on the runway they can buy immediately.) At the show, top models and huge players in the body-positivity movement such as models Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine, turned heads.

The runway show also featured notable curvy bloggers, like Nicolette Mason, cementing the importance and power of bloggers to the plus-size movement. The line has been making women swoon which is a sign things are changing. This is a huge step for Lane Byrant.

Its likely that the uptick in body positivity and the rise of supermodels like Ashley Graham has helped increase awareness towards this generally underrepresented demographic of womenMany more brands are and will start  catching on and this is the industry to watch!

Women over 50 can still rock a trend and make a statement

Have you been afraid to try certain trends because of your age .. think again , take style inspo from these ladies and look fab over 50

So what’s with everyone thinking that just because you reach the milestone 50, 60 , 70 or 80
One needs to invest in a twin set and pearls.
Look at Madonna who isn’t afraid to make a statement because of her age , she defies age because of her attitude and fashion choices
And Madge isn’t the only one to follow this mantra

You can take a trend that may be considered a little daring and not only make them your own but age appropriate too.

Take your lead from Helen Mirren who wears a bright purple dress with a knotted tie waist ( a big trend for the season ) She carries it off with ease

Kris Jenner takes the sheer trend and rocks it by keeping the sleeves sheer and the body of the dress solid . Use subtle detailing when it comes to a trend and you can pull it off with ease

Now SJP is a lady with a wardrobe to die for . She is known for her look at me frocks and perfect prints . She is loves to make a statement with her accessories too , who would have thought metallic heels and fish nets could look so good !

Sharon Stone looks ageless in her sequined one shoulder dress , toning it down with a khaki over coat and then keeping it casual in her white- grey -silver ensemble , white pants and marabou feather trim blouse . Very chic and trendy yet she carries it off effortlessy.

It’s all about confidence and wearing a look or trend that makes one feel good . Find a trend or style that works for you, brings out the fashionista in you and the rest is history.

How a fashion trend is born

Magazines and websites are often talking about trends that must be adopted if one wants to look current – This season its all about slogan tees, florals, eastern influences , pink ( and yellow ) geometric prints – oh the list goes on …
But what makes something a trend?
The first thing to realize is that the concept of a trend has been around for a very long time.
The idea first came to a fore in the 14th century when fashion trends were worn by the elite as a way of showing off their wealth, success and status. The lower class followed suit as a way to prove that they were close enough to observe what the queen or similar liked or didn’t like .

Not much has changed, we have just jumbled things around , rather than a king or a queen we now look to celebrities or street style fashion influencers who share their looks freely on Instagram or other social media platforms .
What they wear is then replicated by the masses who want to look part of the style gang.
No longer are the catwalks the main inspiration for mainstream trends , more often than not they respond to public demands . Designers are forced to be reactive in a way like never before – the see now buy now approach is a clear indication of that.
The next step is for the look to be adopted by a more high profile figure – at the moment someone like a Hadid or a Kardashian/Jenner . Around that time the high street will take note and begin replicating that piece for the masses
Today it tends to be a person rather than the catwalk that dictates a trend.
But what makes a Fashion influencer choose to start wearing a certain piece or look. Fashion is a reflection of what’s going on around us – politics , economics and culture .
Trends are about tapping into the spirit and mood of the times.
Today’s most popular designers are very good at reading into this – for example next seasons love of red has long been associated with boldness , strength , optimism and passion . It’s a symbol of how we want to feel when the world around us is feeling a little bit dark.
It is a good thing to remember that following trends blindly lands you in fashion victim hot water . A truly stylish women will be in tune to what’s going on around her and will incorporate the pieces or styles she knows will work for her and feel good to wear . Authenticity is key here.